The Great Unknown

All of us have unknowns in our lives. Usually they are seen in a negative light as doubts and fears. Yet, it’s in our ability to have unknowns be a source of excitement and inspiration that can propel¬†us forward into the cosmos of possibilities that this world has to offer. Finding the strength to see ourselves as greater than our perceived limits can open a door to finding a whole new outlook on our very existence. ¬†Trust that you posses all the power you’ll ever need to succeed.

This photo of the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming encapsulates my love of life. Photography has been a treasure in my life, and travel has been brewing in my bones for years. This year I’ve been able to combine the things I love the most and make memories that I will cherish for all my life. What though, is life and love, unless shared?

My unknowns, my strengths, my opportunities, my passions, my mistakes, and my accomplishes are something I wish to share as this life of mine unfolds.


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